Client: Koala Bay, a Spain-based fashion retailer targeting the Latin American market

Goal: Increase brand awareness and sales in the Latin American market

Duration of campaign: 12 months


Koala Bay is a Spain-based fashion retailer that designs and sells clothing and accessories for women. The company has a strong presence in Europe and wants to expand its reach and increase sales in the Latin American market, which it sees as a key growth opportunity.


Belkia Export developed a comprehensive online advertising strategy for Koala Bay, using a mix of display advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, and website design and development.

Display advertising: Belkia Export created visually appealing display ads that showcased Koala Bay’s products and brand identity. We used retargeting and lookalike audience targeting to ensure that the ads were highly targeted and effective.

Social media advertising: Belkia Export helped Koala Bay create and run effective social media ad campaigns to reach its target audience and build its brand. We used engaging visuals and messaging to capture the attention of Latin American women interested in fashion and increase traffic to the website.

Email marketing: Belkia Export helped Koala Bay create and execute email campaigns that kept its audience engaged and informed about its products and services. We used targeted messaging and promotions to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty.

Website design and development: Belkia Export redesigned and developed Koala Bay’s website to improve its user experience and increase conversions. We optimized the website for mobile devices, streamlined the checkout process, and added engaging visuals and content.


Over the course of the 12-month campaign, Koala Bay saw significant improvements in its brand awareness and sales in the Latin American market. Some of the key results included:

  • Increased website traffic by 60%
  • Increased conversion rates by 25%
  • Increased sales by 40%
  • Improved brand awareness and engagement on social media
  • Improved customer loyalty and repeat purchases


Belkia Export’s comprehensive online advertising strategy helped Koala Bay achieve its goals of increasing brand awareness and sales in the Latin American market. Our customized approach, in-depth knowledge of the market, and use of multiple channels and tactics proved highly effective in delivering results. We continue to work with Koala Bay to refine and improve its online advertising strategies and help it stay ahead of the competition.